March 2, 2011

What a girl wants....

is something monumental in her closet, a grand item no one has but you. You want to put it on a platform and just stare at it as if you've just won this one-of-kind piece from an auction! 

I don't know what gave me the idea to shred hundreds of strips of silk organza but I did. Call me crazy but I was excited to do this project. I went to C&J (my favorite fabric store) and bought 6 different colors of silk organza, ranging from 5-15 yards each.
key item: coat vest, made by ME :)))

some rolls of organza I have left over

To make the coat vest in the back....
first, I had to rip strips of organza. Took me days to just rip.

Second, I had to cut and shred. (My dad helped a lot with shredding. I love him sooo much! He would do anything for me. Ask and I shall receive...haha)

 Third, pleated each strip after shredding to give it more volume.

  Lastly, sewed all the finished strips onto the base of my coat vest. Don't you love the ombre? 
I loooveeee it!

Lets get it straight- my socks are navy blue, not black ;))

Added a side seam pocket so I can put my hands in there and look cool!

 A lil somethin' I knitted to complete my outfit....
A simple beanie <3

 I feel most relaxed and calm when I'm in a creative state of mind. I'm not this crazy person everyone knows me as. I'm so much more than that. I hope one day all will see.......


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  2. you have a chanel bag... so jealous! lovely outfit! following you!

  3. wow you're photography skills are awesome ASH!

  4. Can't believe you made all that, the dress is amazing.

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  5. so great diy! love the chanel xxx

  6. very creative! adorable.. great work :) xox

  7. Wow, such a beautiful result! I'm in awe! It's so sweet of your dad to help you! xoxoxoxo

  8. I love your bag ♥
    Great pics :)


  9. just found your blog, thanks for your comment! Your blog is new, but amazing!!! I am a new follower ;)


  10. You are so creative and crafty!

    What a neat idea :) lOve your designs :)

  11. Very cute outfit! You are definitely creative.

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  13. Hey honey you look great with that dress!!!

  14. wow you are very talented!!! the dress came out beautiful!! and love your beanie! Wish you were my friends so you could make me cool things too haha
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  16. I love this look! You look gorgeous! And you're so talented and creative
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  17. your sooo talented! i am so jealous, wish i could make my own clothes

  18. Michelle said ....amazing,talented and creative.
    I love all what you made.
    you look good model.

  19. to michelle- thanks mom! you love everything i do and that's why u r my mom! haha

  20. This is stunning. Seriously.