April 26, 2011

Random Yarns

It’s so liberating to explore fashion through trial and error. If I have something in mind that I feel is worth designing, I will make the attempt to execute my ideas, despite knowing there will be a great chance I will be disappointed! Hey, at least I tried! The exciting part about designing is the creative process; you really don’t know what to expect till the very last touch. I get such a rush anticipating on the final outcome...this I live for…hahaha!

A few months ago, I went to the yarn store and chose 6 different types of yarns. Without any clear idea of knowing what I wanted to make, I just started to throw different types of yarns in my basket. Literally, I was in and out of the store in 10 minutes. As soon as I started to knit, I felt unsure if my sweater would turn out nice or even wearable, but I just kept on going because I am not a quitter! Finally, I finished! Scroll down for a surprise…..jk

starting the front top area

this is my extremely oversized back pattern

Stockings from Wolford... the best place to buy stockings!

The stockings make my unusual sweater more acceptable.

I work too hard, I need to rest :)) haha

April 20, 2011

Hand Knit Sweater

I don't want to sound like a grandma, but I really love knitting... it's one of my favorite things to do. My ideal day would be watching movies/reality shows and knitting like it's my business. I'm getting all excited just thinking about it. When I knit, I usually use big needles with 7gg yarns or above. It is a great technique when trying to acheive a lace-like pattern.
Almost finished
Almost Almost finished
angular side slit

sweater made by ME and skirt from Zara

Feminine and polished sensibilty w/ an unfussy focus on shape

April 3, 2011

Basic Essentials

Jason Niu is a dear friend of mine who is a firm believer that most basic garments can be elevated to become more desirable fashion items.  His customer would be someone who likes to wear simple clothes, but has fun with styling. You can give her something basic and she will make it look like she is going to funkytown! I love wearing Jason's designs because I always feel unique and stylish!

Jason took one of the staples of seventies casual, the athletic ringer tee, and rendered it in a fragile Chantilly lace. It is accented with solid jersey neck and sleeve trims, but it is hand scalloped and trimmed at the hem to show off it's delicateness.

skirt made out of silk gazar by Jason Niu

I got this sports bra in Korea when I was in 5th grade. Fashion always repeats itself!

check out Jason Niu's website at www.jasonniu.com