February 22, 2011

Gaga's Concert

When it comes to fashion....Anna Dello Russo is the fiercest of all. (Then comes my friends and I haha) All her selections are exquisite and daring.....I LOVE!
On normal days, I would never have the guts to wear this but what fun would it be if you don't go all out for Lady Gaga's concert. My friends and I wanted to look crazy for Gaga's concert and agreed that her concert is bigger than halloween. After all, when will we ever have an excuse to look like we flew over the cuckoo's nest and get away with it on a regular day.

My friend Jason made a purple lace dress for his senior thesis and him being a great friend he is gave it to me. Sooooooo......I was confident like Anna Dello Russo and rocked it like I was the only girl on this earth.  

and then.........my friend Anna............ammmmahzzzzzingggggg!!!!!!!!!

us getting ready :))))))))

Any girl would be lucky to have a friend like Jason. Too bad he is only ours! 

dress made by Jason Niu


little monsters

never loved NY sooo much!

February 15, 2011

Alber Elbez Would Be Proud

I can never get enough of ruffles/flounces....which is why Lanvin is my favorite brand. Lanvin executes  ruffles/flounces perfectly and every season it gets better and better. 

With that said...of course I would make something inspired by Lanvin. For me, the hardest part of making a flounce is baby hemming. I'm finally a pro so if any of y'all need someone to baby hem let me know. I'll charge a lot but it'll be perfect!

All the flounces I've practiced doing baby hem on. I will definitely make a dress out of these. 

It took me so long to find the perfect button for this one shoulder top. 

Doesn't have much hanger appeal until you wear it

I wanted to give this top my own twist so I added a placket on the sleeve.

wannabe poser!

Alber Elbez, I am always inspired by you!

February 6, 2011

Christmas Colors

I am a lover of color. Anything colorful....I go goo goo ga ga! Everything I make, it really shows who I am as a person- vibrant, bold and down to earth. woot woot!

skirt made out of cow leather and top made out of 4 ply silk

pop color for side pocket

skirt lining

skirt lining hem finish

practiced a lot to get all the points sharp as possible

back detail

1/4" contrast binding

away I go....