May 24, 2011

Eggplant Silk Jersey

It's been a while.....what can I say- I am a girl with an endless list of things to do haha!

For those who follow my blog, you know who Remiel is..... right?? He is the guy who makes beautiful clothes and donates it to my closet. Well, if you dont know, CLICK HERE :))

I love the softness and fludity of this dress. It's one of those pieces when you feel bloated you put this on and you feel good again. Yea, I ate two burgers and a side of fries from Shake Shack, but you don't see nothing! It's all good, I got it covered! :))

As mentioned before, Remiel is known for his drapes! I love how he incorporated cut and sew knit with a woven placket! Pretty, pretty, pretty darn sexy!

Dress made by REMIEL LOH

Btw, I went to the Met Museum over the weekend to see McQueen's exhibition! My mouth was open the whole time (very cute, I know)! What a beautiful journey he has taken us! Visionary!

May 10, 2011

For My Mom (Part 2: Execution)

Over the weekend, I finished making my mom her dress. Oh man, the length of the skirt came out short! My mom is a little shorter than I am so hopefully the dress will look longer on her. Crossing fingers!

Dress made out of silk crepe back satin.

Messy?? Imagine it 2x worse than this.

I put gathers along the center front because my mom tells me that's her most sensitive area. I listen when she speaks! :)))

Time for my next project......

May 3, 2011

For My Mom (Part 1: Process)

I am in the process of making my lovely mom a dress she is going to wear to a wedding. Crossing fingers it turns out beautiful!

 A lot of gathers?

More subtle gathers?

simple back

My treasure box

This is where the magic happens!

Tracing wheel

Emerald green would look so nice against my mom's fair skin :))