January 31, 2011

Walk & Shine

Yay! I'm finally done sewing my "precious jewels" on my stockings. I can't help but feel proud of myself. I deserve a pat on my back...thank you, thank you....please stop....

As I was sewing, I wanted to be spontaneous and just follow where my hand and mind took me. I am very happy with the execution. I love the colors, the unbalanced composition, and how it looks like Poison Ivy.

It was fun trying to work my outfit around my stockings. Since my stockings and shoes make a strong statement I decided on my mom's hand-knit sweater she did when she was in high school. It's simple, compliments my stockings and most of all.....it's nice!

thank you, come again


  1. <3ing the design! -Liz

  2. I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! -jina

  3. cute poison ivy! -sarah